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About safrole, MDMA and PMK oil

On this platform, we do not sell only safrole, but we also have PMK oil and raw organic MDMA (molly) crystal. Some people will buy the safrole for cosmetic purposes and health purposes, while others buy it to manufacture MDMA crystal and then turn the MDMA crystal into ecstasy pills.

The process of cooking safrole into MDMA crystal and then ecstasy pills always brings down the quality (purity). As a result, we have 97% pure raw MDMA crystal, which is the best quality in the world for sale to you as well.

So if you are looking to buy safrole or PMK oil to make MDMA or ecstasy pills, we have made things easier for you by supplying you with 99% purity MDMA crystal.

After extracting the safrole (sassafras oil) from the sassafras, we send the safrole to our laboratory for purity testing to make sure our safrole purity is 99%, and if it is not 99% pure safrole, we repeat the process until we have 99% pure safrole.

Pure Pharmaceuticals is also providing contract research and development (CRO) services in the area of Organic, Pharmaceutical, and Medicinal Chemistry. Pure Pharmaceuticals provides a flexible, efficient and cost effective means of carrying out short or long term projects. We not only want to provide you excellent service, we aim to work closely and collaborate with you so that we understand your needs to provide a clear timeline and direction for your project.

  • Pure Pharmaceuticals is one of the top provider of API impurities.
  • All in-stock products usually get shipped within 48 hrs.
  • Pure Pharmaceuticals offer custom synthesis of the products which are new or not in our stock. In this case, we review clients’ inquiries and respond in three days. These products would be shipped in the in 3-5 days depending on the location (or as per agreed delivery time mentioned in quote).
  • We respond to our clients’ enquiries promptly.
  • With product, we provide CoA and 1H NMR, Mass, HPLC purity. On request, we also provide RT and RRT.
  • Work closely with client’s technical/scientific team to understand their needs and concerns. It helps us to address client’s problems promptly.
  • Comprehensive internal scientific and management controls of all projects
  • Management and Project Leaders at Pure Pharmaceuticals are well experienced
  • Our chemists are well experienced with Ph.D. / M.Sc. degree
  • Easy accessibility to all our client based worldwide, including One-on-One meetings

Advantages of Pure Pharmaceuticals Contract Research Services:

Pure Pharmaceuticals provides a flexible, efficient and cost effective means of carrying out short or long term contract research projects. We invite you to explore our contract research services and determine how we may benefit your research and development programs. No matter what your chemistry project needs are, you can rely on Pure Pharmaceuticals to be a flexible partner with the research and development expertise to meet your development goals in a timely manner for your product’s market launch.

We not only want to provide you excellent contract research service, we aim to work closely and collaborate with you so that we understand your needs and develop sound programs that provide a clear direction for your project. Our Project Leaders and Scientists know what it takes to deliver your project in time.

Whether you are a Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Agrochemical Company or an Academic Institution, collaborating with Pure Pharmaceuticals provides you access to a team of experts well versed in diverse compounds.

With Pure Pharmaceuticals you gain a strategic and responsive scientific partner, who not only brings reliability, trust, and flexibility to the table, but also the assurance that we withstand with your all expectations and meet your project goals.

Pure Pharmaceuticals cost-effective operations provide partners and clients worldwide access to comprehensive chemistry support. Our Project Leaders and Scientists, along with our business partners, have the experience and infrastructure available to your projects so that reasonable timelines are met. Based on your needs, we form highly responsive teams led by experienced researchers to deliver a customized package of services.

The Project Director (Ph.D. with > 10 years of experience), assigned for your project, will be the single point contact who will be ultimate responsible for the overall scientific conduct of the study.

Our Approach

Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with clients in a relationship that allows total ongoing control of goals, priorities and synthesis activities. Our mission is to provide services that meet or exceed the services that you may have available in-house. We pride ourselves in our ability to react to your changing demands as if we were in the laboratory in next corridor in your own building.Pure Pharmaceuticals contributes as a scientific intellectual partner to achieve your goals in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner. An important aspect of our contract research services is that Pure Pharmaceuticals scientists assigned to the project solve synthetic problems as they arise and often improve synthetic procedures when appropriate.

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