Safrole (sassafras oil), MDMA, and PMK oil which are 99% pure for sale at desirable quantities and at very good discount wholesale prices. Delivery is 100% secured and guaranteed. Contact us us now/ place your order now for more details.

We carry out a double methods of preparation just to attain perfection. We are the leading supplier of premium quality

We work with our customers to overcome development hurdles and accelerate speed-to-market.

Pure Pharmaceuticals provides a flexible, efficient, and cost-effective means of carrying out short or long term projects like a custom synthesis of medchem compounds, certified pharmaceutical impurity standards, etc



We supply premium-quality safrole (sassafras oil) which is 99% pure, 99% pure PMK oil and 97% pure MDMA. The safrole, MDMA and PMK oil are available for sale to anyone interested in buying the best-quality safrole MDMA and PMK oil. 99% pure safrole for sale, 99% pure PMK oil for sale and 97% pure MDMA for sale in bulk for sale at very good wholesale prices. We deliver and supply safrole, PMK oil and MDMA worldwide, and delivery is 100% guaranteed.

The extraction of safrole from sassafras is done by us, and we do this by double distillation, double titration, and double filtration. In the end, we have 99% pure safrole (sassafras oil), which makes it the best in the world.

We are proud to offer this leading service through our exceptional facilities spanning Europe, North America and Asia.

We offer complete custom services, from pre-clinical to commercialization, and our strong track record, technology and service are what successfully set us apart from our competitors. We are focused on understanding your problems to provide the best possible development and manufacturing solutions.

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Safrole for sale


The sedative properties of safrole are good for making MDMA. For people buying the 99% pure safrole to make MDMA, we guarantee quality MDMA because of our high purity safrole.

If you want to buy safrole to manufacture MDMA crystal (molly) for ecstasy pills and you do not know how or are not sure of the purity of the end result, then you should just buy our MDMA because it is 97% pure MDMA crystal.

We sell 97% pure MDMA. The MDMA is 97% pure because of the double method of cooking. We do a purity test on our MDMA to make sure what we sell is 97% pure MDMA. With our MDMA, you will have a good-quality ecstasy pill because of the 97% pure MDMA crystal

You can have confidence in our expert team to anticipate any challenges you may encounter throughout the drug development process and keep your project on track. We deliver on commitments and agreed timelines.

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How we work with Innovators

Collaboration: We work with our customers to develop more efficient and scaled-up processes through added value technology and experience.

In 2010, Pure Pharmaceuticals was selected by a customer because of our controlled substance expertise and manufacturing knowledge of a key intermediate for their API. We developed a 2nd generation process, utilising our solid form sciences expertise to solve a significant challenge with the final form of the drug substance. Over the years, we’ve continued to work closely with this customer’s development team to continue to improve the efficiency of the process, meet clinical material and timeline needs and scale the process up to 8,000 L reactor scale.

Pure Pharmaceuticals continues to provide additional expertise to support regulatory filing as well as perform some of the critical post-validation process research activities. Pure Pharmaceuticals validated the process in 2018 and were contracted to produce commercial launch API in 2019.

Accelerating development: By leveraging our expertise and technology, Pure Pharmaceuticals has enabled customers to develop far more efficient processes and accelerate speed to market..

One customer required help to accelerate the approval of a drug for an unmet medical need. We were able to leverage our expert knowledge of complex multi- step chemistry, challenging purification, chromatography modelling, identification and characterisation of impurities and regulatory filings to help accelerate their drug approval.

We were then able to scale-up rapidly, including the creation of a new multi million dollar manufacturing site. Six different Veranova sites contributed to the success of enabling the product.

Advancing science with you

Discover new ways to advance your science with Pure Phamarceuticals. Our capabilities span a wide range of development technologies and specialties—all backed by comprehensive industry knowledge and experience.

Safrole for sale

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Discover new ways to advance your science with Pure Pharmaceuticals.

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